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API Co-Signer

An API Co-Signer, provided by Safeheron and deployed in your operating environment, automates transaction approval. It will execute automated approvals based on your business settings. Before using an API Co-Signer, you need to configure an API Key with approval permissions. For more information, please view Create an API key. Please contact Safeheron Support for information on deployment and usage at

Manual Transaction Approval

If you only need to initiate transactions using the API and do not require automated approvals, you do not need to deploy the API Co-Signer at this time. The manual approval process is as follows:

Automated Transaction Approval

If you prefer to automate approvals, you must designate the API Co-Signer as an approver in the approval flow; the workflow for automated approvals is outlined below.

  1. Create a transaction via the Safeheron API.
  2. Configure the policy approval flow so that the API Co-Signer is required to accept authorization tasks from the Safeheron API.
  3. The API Co-Signer requests that the client’s transaction approval business model to approve and authorize transactions.
  4. The API Co-Signer obtains the authorization result.
  5. After the approval is obtained, the API Co-Signer engages in the MPC process.

Example Policy Configuration

Take a transaction as an example with the following requirements:

  • The API creates transfer transactions for a business
  • If the amount transferred is less than 1,000 USD, the system will automatically process the transaction
  • If the amount transferred is greater than 1,000 USD, the transaction will be finalized once approved by Member A and Member B

A policy can be configured as follows:

InitiatorFromToValue/Amount LimitPriorityApproval Process
API Key NameAny walletAny addressAmount transferred < 1,000 USD1001/1 approval by API Co-Signer
API Key NameAny walletAny addressAmount transfered > 1,000 USD2002/2 approval by Member A and member B

When the amount of the API-initiated transfer transaction is less than $1,000 USD, the API Co-Signer will approve the transaction in accordance with the automated transaction approval. When the API initiates a transfer transaction worth more than $1,000 USD, it will be approved by both Member A and Member B in accordance with the automated transaction approval.